Early History of Smithville, Texas by Hazel Roensch Lovelace as written on a Big Chief tablet in 1980

"I was born in Winchester, Fayette County, Texas on Jan. 9, 1896. The 3rd. child of Joseph and Adelia Damon Roensch. My Grandfather Roensch, who died in 1894 had owned a great many farms and an Dry good store, an Hardware store and a Drug Store; above these buildings was an Opera House. A touring Show Company had left a San Bernard dog in the Opera House which was lighted by Oil lamps. The lamp was knocked over and the Buildings were all burned as there was no water and no insurance the loss was Total. The above are the reason my Parents came to Smithville. My father tried faring and as he came to bring butter too Smithville too sell he met Yerger Hill Sr. who had a Hardware store and a Dry good store with a grocery store in the rear. Mr. Hill hired my father and in June 1900 He went to work for Yerger Hill & Son. One incident I remember prior to our moving here was coming to Smithville with my father ad staying for a short visit at the Home of Mrs. Grudes Jones (nee Sue Hill) Who lived there and whose husband ad built the home it is now owned by Mrs. has Ragsdale at 601 Main and as an inducement to stay while my father went to town I was given a plaster of Paris statue of a white horse which I proudly carried home Wrapped in a towel. I also met Mrs. John Hill (Miss Hatt who became a beloved neighbor for many years at 603 Gresham Street)."

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