Listing of Businesses in Smithville, Texas

1920 - 1929

First National Bank
First State Bank
Liberty Store
Ric’s Tires Repair Shop
Palace Meat Market
Farmer’s Union Gin & Warehouse
Star Theater
Smithville Bottling Works
Smithville Lumber Co.
Smithville Mattress Factory
Smithville Motor Co.
Smithville Furniture Co.
For-Get-Me-Not Service Station
Leon’s Lunch
Smithville Electric Light, Water and Power
City Grocery Co.
American Shoe Shop
“M” System Grocery
City Drug Co.
ACME Laundry, Dry Cleaning & Tailoring
Colorado Motor Co. Buick Dealership
Adams, C B
Alexander, P J attorney
Ballard, W H Buick Roadster Dealer
Barr, J M
Bastian, G F (ed) Smithville Times Newspaper
Black, Rabb & Black Insurance & Real Estate
Bollier, Bollier’s
Branson, Branson’s Grocery
Breeden, Will
Brent, Brent’s Progressive Laundry
Buescher, Emil Smithville Oil Mill Co.
Chancellor, Chancellor’s
Czichos, J F Falkenberg & Czichos Drug Co.
Davis, Davis Studio
Duncan,Ed remedies
Engle, Otto Merchant tailor, cleaning & pressing
Falkenberg, Falkenberg & Czichos Drug Co.
Few, Few-Moore Lumber Co.
Fite, Oren Fite and Ingram
Friedrich, W A
Garlin, W F jeweler
Grimes, Butler Grimes Co. Variety Store
Haynie, Haynie Grocery, Dry Goods and Gents’ Furnishings
Heckel, R E
Hill, Yeger Yeger Hill & Son
Homuth, Young and Homuth
Hoppe, Spitz Hoppe’s Bakery
House, T E House Meat Market
Hudson, W E
Ingersall, Hugh
Ingram, Fite and Ingram
Jones, Sherrill & Jones
Jones, J D J D Jones Motor Co.
Jones, W D C cotton buyer
Kirby, Mrs. T J Specialty Shop
Leshikar, C O furinture & undertaking
Louwien, E F dairy
Lyon, R G Lyon Dry Goods
McDavid, McDavid Heating Supplies
Mize, C C Mize Drug Co.
Moffitt, Moffitt 5 & 10 Store
Moore, Few-Moore Lumber Co
Mull, Luellah chiropractor
Netusil, Benno Tailor & Cleaning
Nichols, Garty Fire insurance
Nichols, Powell No-D-Lay Tailor Shop
Polansky, Polansky Bros. Grocery
Powell, J H attorney
Psencik, Psencik Bros. Groceries
Psencik, Frank The Famous Store
Psencik, Frank W . Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots , Shoes
Rabb, Rabb & Black Insurance & Real Estate
Rabb, Rabb & Walker Insurance
Rabb, Rabb & Ramsey Market
Ragsdale, C E Ragsdale Jewelry-Optician
Ramsey, Rabb & Ramsey Market
Roensch, J H insurance
Roensch, J H Insurance Agency
Schoultz, Schoultz Chevrolet Co.
Schumacher, Schumacher Co., Inc.
Schutz, Louis insurance
Shade, Grover Shade’s Confectionery
Sherrill, Sherrill & Jones
Slack, J T Grocery & Confectionery
Smith, A C Smith & Stasney
Smith, Arthur Lee Bakery & Grocery, meats
Stubbeman, J H 10 Cent Store
Tansey, Dr. dentist
Thomas, H C (mgr) New City Hotel
Toggery, Toggery Modern Cleaners
Trousdale, Trousdale Drugs
Trubin, Trubin Brothers
Turner, Frank Studebaker Distributer
Turney, M M
Vyvjala, Vyvjala Brothers
Walker, Rabb & Walker Insurance
Watson, Melvin M
Wilkes, Mrs. A T Little Gift Sho
Williams, E Clay Williams Garage
Young, Ernest Meat Market