Listing of Businesses in Smithville, Texas

1900 - 1909

Abbott, Mrs. C. Abbott Beauty Parlor
Baker, Baker’s Air Dome
Bell, Bell & McCaghren’s Barber Shop
Bennet, Bennett Pharmacy
Bishop, M.J. Cresent Cream Parlor (&candy)
Bowie, M.B. Livery, Rigs
Burleson, Burleson’s Pantitoriun Clothing
Butler, J.W. wood
Byrne, Roger Byrne Saloon
Calahan, Calahaan-Psencik Co. Dry Goods
Carmichael, Estelle and Carmichael Timming and Plumbing
Chambers, Miss F. Miss F. Chambers & Co. Millinery
Clark, G.E. stable
Cobb, W.M. realtor
Cockrill, C.W. Bar B Q
Cohen, L.C. Postal Telegraph Co., mgr.
Collins, T.C. liveryman
Cook, I.H. Meat  Market
Crawford, A.P. Meat Market, stable, livery, rigs
Cruham, Dr. C.R. medical doctor
Davidson, W shoe repair
Davis, Frank Photo Tent
Dean, W. B. Grocery and Hardware
Dusek, Racket Store
Dwyer, Dwyer’s Hotel, Dwyer’s Restaurant
Eagleston, Eagleston Saloon
Engle, Engle Bros. Store
Estelle, Estelle and Carmichael Timming and Plumbing
Fletcher, Dr. W.B. dentist
Frechet, Dr. E.A. medical doctor
Freeman, Freeman & Heckel Fencing
Gresham, B.J. Furniture and Grocery
Hanks, Lees & Hanks Market
Harper, Harper’s City Restaurant
Haynie, Haynie’s Grocery
Heckel, Freeman & Heckel Fencing
Heckel, R.E. Smithville Granite and Marble Works
Hewett, J.A. meats
Hickman, Dr. J.W.V. medical doctor
Hill, Hill & Trousdale Druggist
Hill, Yerger Yerger Hill & Son General Merchandise & Hardware
Hoppe, R.E. farm equipment
Jenkins, Wm. E postmaster
Johnson, J.B. tailor
Jones, Powell, Jones and McDade Drug and Fountain
Karger, Karger’s Saddle Shop
Kennedy, J.S. contractor
Kesselus, William merchant & tailor
Lees, Lees & Hanks Market
Lesiker, J.C. liquor
Maney, Maney Insurance Co.
Marchiel, M. Smithville Restaurant
Mayfield, Dr. A.B. medical doctor
McCaghren, Bell & McCaghren’s Barber Shop
McCaskill, McCaskill Blacksmith
McDade, Powell, Jones and McDade Drug and Fountain
McNaughton, F.D. Smithville Times, owner & publisher
Miller, Miller’s Short Order Restuarant
Mitchel, D.J. furniture
Mohler, J.N. Mohler Groceries
Moore, H.J. groceries
Moore, Leon San Antonio Steam Laundry, agent
Moore, S.E. groceries
Payne, Schmidt & Payne Groceries
Polansky, Polansky Bakery (&Restaurant)
Poth, Poth Dry Goods Store
Powell, Dr.J.H.E. medical doctor
Prasatik, Racket Store
Psencik, Calahaan-Psencik Co. Dry Goods
Psencik, Joe groceries
Purcell, W.H. tailor
Rabb,V.S. lumber & (Furniture and Dry Goods)
Reynolds, Frank Frank Reynolds Groceries
Roensch, Saunders & Roensch Grocery
Ross, Sam Smithville Junk Co.
Rowe, S.E. store
Sanders, James J. Tango Tailor Shop
Saunders, W.J. hardware & (Saunders & Roensch Grocery)
Schmidt, Schmidt & Payne Groceries
Schober, Schober & Hill Blacksmiths
Schultz, F. hardware
Searcy, Searcy’s Drug
Shadbolt, Shadbolt Hotel
Shade, D.S. Opera Saloon
Shroud, D.S. beer agency
Slagle, Dr. R.J. optometrist
Smith, Dr.T.J. dentist
Stasney, Lone Star Saloon
Stoerner, The Tinner
Stupl, F. jeweler & watch repair at Searcy Drug Co.
Tally, J.C.
Tansey, Dr. G.G. dentist
Thomason, W. brick & stone mason
Trousdale, Hill & Trousdale Druggist
Turner, R.F. lawyer
Turney, C.H. Lumberyard
Turney, C.W. J.H. McCollum Dry Goods successor
Turney, M.M. archetect and builder
Turney, W.H. lumber
Vickers, E.L. insurance
Warshawski, R. Warshawski & Co.
Watson, J.C. lumber
Williams, Bertha Millinery Prlor in S.E. Rowe Store
Witworth, P.A. rigs